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Cultural Exploration


So many jewels to experience in the Kumbakonam region - the grand Chola Architecture, simple agrarian life, zenith of music, dance & theatre, thought provoking ritualistic practices and thriving ancient crafts

You Explore..
  • The story of Chola Temple building that culminated in the intricate sculptures on the pillars of Darassuram, a UNESCO World Heritage site

  • Thought-provoking legends in the many temples that dot Kumbakonam

  • Thriving ancient crafts – Thanjavur bronzes, lamp making, silk weaving

  • Role of temples in community building

  • The reason behind rituals

  • Yummy traditional recipes 

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Kumbakonam Moments
  • The precision sculpting of a tiny image of Lord Ganesha on the walls of Darassuram temple

  • The emotions evoked by Kumbakonam Degree coffee

  • Folk theatre that brings an entire village together

  • Early morning walks – the beauty of Kolams in front of homes

  • Driving through carpets of refreshing paddy fields

  • Local eateries using chalk on slate to bill customers

Time you need

4 days (3 nights) are required to explore this region. The vast agrarian countryside will soothe your mind. The villagers you meet will help you find the earthiness within you. The Chola grandeur is cloaked in simplicity. This exploration will help you find your inner grandeur. , 

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Trains from all major cities reach Kumbakonam or nearby THanjavur and Tiruchirapalli. Tiruchirapalli also has an airport.

Money you need

Approx. Rs.18000 per person for a group of 10 guests

Includes 3 star accommodation for 3 nights, all meals, Transport and guide services within Kumbakonam. 

The pricing can be customised as per your requirement.

T&C Apply

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Add on visits

Thanjavur is close by and further south lies Madurai, thus making it a very interesting culture circuit that can be covered in a week

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