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These are the most used words to describe India by travellers from around the world. Most Indians of the older generation grew up accepting all these, questioning some of them and finding our own logic in them.

Not so the current generation of youth in India. Our teenage children are questioning traditions after they fail to get logical reasoning. And this challenges us to dig deeper.


In my 5 decades of being soaked in the Indian way of life, my mind has categorised our traditional practices and has made a To Do list for them:


  • To find the original avatar of the currently questionable practices

  • To use a modified version of some practices - suitable to the changing world

  • To cherish (revive if required) and apply as it is so that it makes a positive difference to society

  • To hold on and cherish the seemingly quaint stuff just because it feels good


Our focus is mostly on the “cherishables” in our Immersive experiential journeys which take us to an India beyond the obvious. We also have engaging discussions on all the above categories with our guests.

These are journeys where you attempt to explore the spirit of India through her local people and their life experiences, and in the process embark on self-discovery.


Think deeper, know better, and feel higher.

P.S. – Our team has been in an India exploration mode over the last 2 decades. Traipsing through village and city homes, streets and markets sharing the cherishables with our guests, the Shakti team members themselves have been riding the self discovery train across India. And reveling in it.

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