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Explore the spirit of India

Grass root interactions

Our Story

I am accompanying Bob and Esther to the Ekambareeshwara temple in Kanchipuram. Bob removes his footwear, and steps into the Mandapa of the temple. “This vibration!!  One cannot experience it through visuals”, he remarks.

Lisa is travelling with us in Kutch to attend a day long embroidery workshop.  Her instructor is a smiling Rebari lady. Both of them don’t know each other’s language, but succeed in communicating well enough to make the day productive. So much laughter & camaraderie during the learning process .  

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This is Curtainless travel that lets you live your India holiday like us, your hosts. We are as intrigued by India as you are. Our questions have given us some "back to basics” kind of answers. And we enjoy finding answers to your questions too. We learn more in this journey of self discovery.

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What We Do


Traipsing through village and city homes, streets and markets


Turning interesting things inside out with expert assistance

What Makes Us Special

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Self discovering experiences

Experiences that will reverberate in your Self. (However abstract this may sound,) our rooted travel expereinces will connect you to a deeper dimension of yourself.

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Authentic  local interactions

So authentic that you will feel like  you are among well known friends

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Athithi Devo Bhava

Guest is God. We enjoy servicing our guests and your happiness makes us blissful. For us every tour program is a mega production and we are careful about safe and responsible service.