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Experiential Travel

  • When travel is more than a bucket list to tick off

  • When you are not going into it just to say “been there, done that”

  • When there is something about the destination, its people, and their lifestyle that strikes a chord in yourself

  • When your interactions are deep and meaningful  

  • When you come as guests and leave as fellow humans devoid of borders


Then, the travel we organise for you become experiences.


Curiouser & Curiouser into the land that is India. It evokes so many questions in everyone's mind. Why wake up before sunrise and make the kolam on your porch even on cold winter days? Why do women of nomadic  communities wear heavy jewellery? Indo Logic trips  address the whys and hows of the Indian way of life. 

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Vichara is designed to inspire you to embark on a journey of self inquiry. This holistic experience is curated to seamlessly take you to the threshold of Inner Awareness – thus realizing the simplicity in everything that seems complex .

Vichara takes you to a level beyond the physical dimension of Yoga. We adopt a holistic approach to improve your quality of life by working on the subtler energy levels in addition to the physical, mental and emotional aspects of oneself.



While nourishment is the basic purpose of food, it evokes many emotions.  Food is a science as much as an art. It is a celebration that keeps people together.  We explore the cultural moorings of this binding force in our food tours. The regional variations of ingredients, technique and taste enhance the novelty of our food experiences. We participate in the lives of the people who grow the ingredients, create the dishes and those who relish it . A sumptuous journey!!



The myriad stories woven into the fabric we use can be seen for real when we visit the artisans in their homes. More respect to their skilled hands driven by their sharp, creative and very patient minds. Our textile journeys bring out the colour and energy in the traditional life of artisans across India. Workshops during these journeys are conducted by the artisans. You learn from the masters!!

Satisfaction Guarantee

These experiences are curated by experts in each of these fields. They bring a lot of passion and understanding in these subjects. Your learning will be truly enriching.

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