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Living Looms

Threads that embellish all textile crafts speak about the life of the artisan. The intellectual wealth of the rural artisans on India reflect on their rich creations. They are the living looms who sustain the fabric of our unique heritage.

Here are a few journeys that take you to the homes of artisans across India. We have workshops where you learn firsthand from the artisans. Along with their technique, you get an insight into their lifestyle

block making.jpg
block making.jpg

In the backdrop of a brown arid landscape, we see the fluorescent skirts, shawls and turbans of the Rajasthani people. A closer look reveals the intricate handwork that embellishes their attire.


This 11-day journey lets us learn a lot from the rural artisans – their beautiful craft technique and also the socio-economic relationship between different communities.

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