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The Travelling Shaktis

Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav. Turning out to be truly nectar !!!

Our Kumbakonam Shaktis are enjoying a new kind of Freedom. They are carving ME time for themselves. Many of them signed up for this Independence Day trip after seeing the number of cultural experiences planned in this group tour. Some of them desperately wanted to get out of household routine, which I must add, they will love to go back to after this super short break 😊. The most touching part is that ALL of them are on their path of Self Discovery and this Kumbakonam Darshan is turning out to be their Ratha.

Our Destination Expert Radhika facilitated a discussion on what prompted them to sign up for this trip. One of the ladies said, “This is my rebirth. I had become someone else in the last 3 decades. With this trip, I am determined to regain the personality that I lost to external factors. I will become my normal self.” We were stunned!! This is a new high for us as holiday planners.

In the last 25 years, I have been sharing all the intriguing aspects of Indian life and heritage with foreigners. They would come with so many questions about our seemingly bizarre practices. Their inquisitiveness drove our team to look deeper into all those traditional life practices we had taken for granted. It is always a joy to see the comprehension on the faces of our foreign guests. It is also very satisfying to practice our tradition with conviction of its logic. In the current season, with Indians visiting domestic circuits, we are getting an opportunity to decode our traditional myths with them. The sculptures on the walls of Gangaikondachozhapuram came alive since our Indian guests grew up listening to the mythological stories depicted on stone here. They knew the family tree of the Gods, how Vishnu was related to Shiva and how Shiva and Parvathy reconciled after their many family tiffs. Aaha, this a fitting way to celebrate Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav. Discover India and your Self.

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